Multi-day tours

In a kayak, on the sea, for some days

Longer Guided Tours

The staff at Balanspunkten relish in being out on longer tours for several days enjoying the many delights of the Bohuslän coast. We therefore offer longer, tailor-made guided tours together with an experienced guide, who knows the area and can reveal many of its secrets. The guide will help in choosing appropriate routes and good camping sites, cook wholesome meals for the group and give advice concerning paddle techniques in different situations. Participating in one of our courses will make you become a more proficient and happier paddler. We allow the circumstances of each situation form the tour programme.  To be able to adapt to the various aspects of nature is the basis for an enjoyable outdoor life. We challenge and develop your paddle technique, using the forces of nature as a teacher, whilst enjoying both activity and restfulness/stillness. The days contain simple, yet important choices and nights provided a good sleep after the day’s activity.

Longer Pre-determined Tours

Balanspunkten arranges four longer tours to Strömstad, to Gothenburg, around the islands of Orust and Skaftö.

If you join one of our longer tours you need to be sure that your personal equipment is fully functional for the trip. Check out our packing list to ensure you have suitable equipment with you. Don’t be afraid to contact us beforehand if you have any questions or need some advice. Good and sensible personal equipment is the A-Z of outdoor life. Keep it simple, choose natural fibres according to your specific needs to keep warm and dry. We will learn more about ourselves and our choice of equipment on our journey. Let the kayak adventure begin!