Body and soul, together in balance

Balanspunkten – A place to rediscover your own point of balance/to redefine your own equilibrium

As well as kayaking, Balanspunkten also offers various treatments and body work to find balance and renewed strength. If you are interested in booking a treatment, please visit this part of our site/ “link  name”.

My treatments are offered at Drottningg 26 in Gothenburg and at Söhalla 9 in Grundsund. In Gothenburg you are able to book online on this website, for massage in Grundsund you just send a mail och a text message with your request.

Swedish Classic Massage

For those with problems with tense and aching muscles. You can get everything from specific massage, eg hand and foot, to full body massage. Half-body massage is usually appropriate for one-hour treatment, whole body takes a bit longer. Massage releases oxytocin, a “feel good” hormone that gives a sense of satisfaction and well-being. At the same time, the massage increases the blood flow so that “used life” and toxic substances leave the body. The tension caused by stress and inappropriate physical activity emits classical massage, the muscles get calm, soft and alert again.

Connective tissue massage/Fascia treatment

A German and Western Technology with Alternative Results … If you have a week contact with your arms and/or legs, if you feel numbness, weight, fatigue or have problems with the circulation, connective tissue massage is a good treatment method. Tissue massage means a massage without oil or cream where the goal is increased innervation (nerve contact) in painful, stiff or sore parts of the body, increased cleansing through lymphatic system and blood system and also more circulation in the energy pathways. The pressure/pull occurs under the skin as opposed to pressure in the muscles as in the classical massage.