Kinesiologi, reflexology, healing

Energy release, get back to the flow

Below you can read about some of my skills. Ursually I listen to the needs from you body and mix my technics. Do you want to choose treatment yourself  I do that kind. Booking in Gothenburg is done on this website, booking in Grundsund is done thru
My treatments are offered at Drottningg 26 in Gothenburg and at Söhalla 9 in Grundsund.


If you feel some dissorder, in soul or body, like the flow of life is stucked? Pain, anxiety, grinding thoughts are signs that tell about problems in the energyflow. Treatment could be one way to open the blockage and get rid of stagnation. Thru communication with body memories  there will be reconnections that open up for understanding and releases. Then the balans is to find on a more stable and deaper level.


With reflexology you will be albe to both find unbalances and treat them. There will be sharings about “how to do” for work on spots at home afterwords.


If you have a need for pure life energy to fill up unconnected parts of your beeing, if you need a broad spectra of love/life energi to release stress and emptiness. This is for you who believe in the heart power och the possibility of mind.