Kayak rental

Freedom in beautiful surroundings

Kayak Rental

Our goal is that you can experience the Bohuslän archipelago in all its majesty in the best way possible. To that end, we have a fleet of high-quality kayaks to suit both the novice and more experienced paddler. Our centre is only 90 minutes by car from Gothenburg.

Your options

You can rent your kayak for different periods to suit your own schedule/plans: Half Day, Full Day, over night, 24 Hours, 3 Days and 1 week. If you rent for half or full day you will be able explore the archipelago or paddle round the island of Skaftö, depending on your kayaking experience. On longer trips over a couple of days you can paddle further towards Uddevalla, northwards past Lysekil towards Smögen or southward around the island of Käringön. A week-long rental will give many options to discover your own personal favorite farther away.

Single Kayak

We offer two models of single kayak.
Oasis – a shorter and very stable model that turns easily. Ideal for the beginner.
Laser – longer and narrower that is designed for longer trips and the more experienced paddler.

Dubble kayak

We offer several different models of double kayak.

Oasis is a wider and stable model that turns easily. Ideal for short tours and the beginner.

Your choice of our other models depends on several different factors: the length of tour, amount of packing needed for two people, size of the cockpit, leg room, need for a rudder. You can book the kayak you feel is suitable. Please contact us if you need some help in choosing a suitable kayak.

Route tips

Routes to the east of Skaftö are characterized by tree-covered islands and a rich variation of birdlife, with more sheltered waters which offer many fantastic/wonderful possibilities for paddling regardless of the weather conditions.

Westward towards the open sea you will find the group of islands around Gåsö. A more barren, but superbly captivating landscape.
Picture the sight of the wide-open sea reaching past a myriad of islands towards the horizon and discovering them from your own kayak.

The staff at Balanspunkten love to paddle kayak and can help you with suggestions for your trip. We know where you can find shelter from the wind while paddling, where the best camping sites are and easy places to bring your kayak up onto land.

Kayak Season

In May the air and water temperature are warm enough for comfortable paddling and this season lasts until the end of September. The kayak centre is open at the weekends from the start of May until mid-June and then is open daily between 9 am and 6 pm until the end of August. In September it is are open at weekends.

For advanced bookings and in the case of adverse wind conditions, it may be possible to provide transport to more suitable starting points in the area. Please contact us for such possibilities.


KayakHalf dayFull dayEvening-Night24 hours3 days1 week
Single Oasis350 sek550 sek350 sek700 sek1400 sek2800 sek
Single Laser450 sek650 sek450 sek800 sek1600 sek3200 sek
Double Oasis500 sek700 sek500 sek900 sek1700 sek3400 sek
Double Atlantis600 sek800 sek600 sek 1000 sek 2000 sek4000 sek
Double Gobo/Wilderness600 sek800 sek600 sek1000 sek2000 sek4000 sek
Double Norse/Esperanto700 sek900 sek800 sek1100 sek2200 sek4400 sek