The Gothenburg tour

A 6-days paddling from Grundsund into Gothenburg City.

Gathering in Grundsund for tour planning, safety practices and packing

This summer:
2024-06-09 till 2024-06-14

We meet in Grundsund, at 10 o’clock on Sunday, have a fika (Swedish coffee break) together and talk about the following days. The weather forecast is discussed for the tour planning. After the meeting we do some safety and paddle technique practice before lunch.

Getting started

The afternoon is filled with packing of the kayaks and then we leave the Grundsund harbor, heading south. The length of the days, time spent in the kayaks, are decided in relation to the wind and the waves. Therefore no camping spots is mentioned in detail.

Tour description

The first night is spent somewhere outside Orust Island .
On day nr. two we pass Orust and paddle along the west side of Tjörn Island. We might find a nice spot on the west or south side of Tjörn the following night.
Day nr. three we reach Marstrand, a famous Island south from Tjörn. We have a guided tour on the “castle” and the village around. The location is rich with west Sweden history. In the afternoon we reach a nice Island south from Marstrand to spend the evening and night.
Day nr. four is a day where we paddle outside Hisingen Island, reaching the north archipelago of Gothenburg where there will be a night nr. four, somewhere.

In the morning of the fifth day we have to find out if the weather lets us visit the Vinga Island at the entrance of Gothenburg harbor. If it does, we will be greeted by a the lighthouse and the day beacon, a big, red pyramid shape, and a well known siluett for all the big and small sailors passing into Gothenburg. Our afternoon is spend paddling over the highways of the sea reaching the south archipelago of Gothenburg where our last night is supposed to be placed.
The following day we do a nice paddle tour in the archipelago and in the afternoon we paddle into the amazing entrance of the harbor of Gothenburg. We are heading for the central parts of the city where the tour ends.

End of tour

If you want to remain as a visitor in Gothenburg, please do. Ask us for help and recommendation if you like. If you want to get back to Grundsund we will bring you back by car.


Packing list for a 6 day paddling is to be found as an attached file.

Do you want to join our tour to Gothenburg this summer?

Please pay the registration fee, 20 % of the price, and book your seat.
Then send an email and tell us about your earlier experiences in kayak paddling and tell us  if you have restrictions in relation to food. We will send you the remaining amount on an invoice, to be paid latest 20 days before the tour start.

Of course you are very welcome to ask questions in before booking.
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