Paddle around Orust

A six day outdoor kayak tour

Where to start and what we recommend

This summer:
2024-06-23 to 2024-06-28 and 2024-08-25 to 2024-08-30

The paddling trip starts north of Orust, on the western side of Skaftö, at the Kayak Centre which is located by the inlet to Grundsund’s harbour. Skaftö is an island with a varied natural landscape, from the barren western side with magnificent views over the Skagerrak Sea and an archipelago with plenty of smoothly rounded cliffs, to the lush inner archipelago with meadows, leafy forests, and shallow bays. To spend the first day on land with a guide, or slowly paddle around the neighbouring islands, perhaps with a guide, is a gentle start for the trip and something we recommend.

The tour, a description

We start our paddling trip around Orust by heading south, between Orust and Gullholmen/Herrmanö, down to the island of Käringö. This day-long trip is mostly sheltered from high waves, but it can get fairly windy and the feeling of being in the outer archipelago gets stronger the closer to Käringö we get. On Käringön, the houses are irregularly spaced and close to each other, something which is very typical for Bohuslän, and there are good quality hotels and restaurants on the island. For outdoor sleeping there are some nice islands just beside Käringö. The paddling trip continues south towards Orust’s south-west tip with the small fishing communities Edshultshall and Mollösund, then into the fjord Stigfjorden, which runs between Orust and the island of Tjörn. Once in Stigfjorden, we find a beautiful spot to sleep at and cook on. The following morning, we continue through Stigfjorden. This is a sheltered waterway with many islands to navigate. Where the fjord ends is Stenungsund, a modern town with an industry which is very dependent on the cargo ships. We continue north from Stenungsund, along the steep, forested shores of Hakefjorden. We pass a car ferry before finally reaching our destination, the arcipelago around Ljungskile, where we will sleep and eat. This is an exciting area with many wonderful setting, from the period of recreation tourism with healthy bathing in the late 1900 century, with amazing views over the fjord. From the surroundings of Ljungskile, our journey continues north, up towards Vindön. Hakefjorden becomes Byfjorden in the east and Kalvöfjorden in the west/south, along the northern shores of Orust. Steep cliffs and deep water all the way into the rocks alternate with soft sandy beaches, perfect for a swim and a rest. Kalvöfjorden then becomes Koljöfjorden, which leads to Ellösefjorden, where the trip finishes and the kayaks are back home close to Skaftö. We spend the night somewhere in the neighbourhood on an island where the tents could be set up, enjoying the last night. On the last day of the trip we paddle towards the habour of Grundsund and arrives there in the late afternoon.

Orust Island

Orust is Sweden’s fourth largest island. It has a fertile inland, with fairly small farms, and a very varied coast.

Distances, guiding and equipment

The proposed trip will cover 15 km to 30 km per day and is designed for paddlers with a good degree of competence and experience. We sleep overnight in tents and cook all our food in the outdoors. You will be accompanied by a guide and guiding may be in English. Own equipment is required. Packing list for 6 days paddling is to be found as a file below.

Direct arrival

If you prefer an arrival on the starting date, in the morning, it´s good to know that the course beginning at 11 o’clock on Sunday. We will finish the tour around 16.00 on the following Friday. Please send us an email if you have any allergies or other food-related issues we need to know about, or have any other questions.

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