Booking conditions

This is how it works


The following booking conditions apply to all our courses, guided tours or self guided activities with rented equipment.

Booking and payment

  • Reservation of most of our activities takes place online. The activities that are not bookable online can be booked by phone or email.
    • Booking of all our activities are binding, regardless of the manner in which the reservation is made.
    • When booking, you pay the full amount. Once the payment reaches us, your reservation is made definite and your equipment / space is reserved. On our longer tours there is a booking fee, online, to start with. When the reservation is done and we got some info about your earlier kayaking experiences and if you have any food restrictions, you will have an invoice from us for the remaining payment.


  • Betald bokning återbetalas ej. Bokningen kan fram till sex timmar innan start flyttas till valfritt datum om ”Ombokningsgaranti” (ombokningsskydd) köps till bokningen. Full återbetalning ges vid väderförhållanden som gör aktiviteten olämplig eller farlig, exempelvis åska, storm eller andra väderförhållanden. Vid sjukdom återbetalas fullt belopp vid uppvisande av sjukintyg.
  • Confirmed booking will not be repaid. If you pay for our “rebooking guarantee”, the booking will be able to change to another date up to 6 hours before start. When you book a over night tour there will be a deposit laid from you, depending on tour length somewhere between 500 SEK and 150 SEK. We reserve the right to, for safety reasons, cancel any planned activity. The decision to cancel is entirely reserved for Kayak in Grundsund/Balanspunkten.

Liability and Insurance

  • Participation in all activities with Kayak in Grundsund/Balanspunkten, and for self guided activities with rented equipment, is at your own risk.
    • In guided activities (tours and courses), you are covered, as a participant, by Kayak in Grundsund/Balanspunkten’s liability and accident insurance. However, we recommend that you always check what your own insurance covers.
    • You are fully responsible for compensation on any damage to or theft of rented equipment.
    • Kayak in Grundsund/Balanspunken has no insurance that you can use for rented equipment. Check if your own insurance applies to damage or loss of rented equipment.
    • Kayaks and other equipment must be returned thoroughly cleaned. You will find facilities with us.
    • If you choose to let us clean rented equipment we charge 300 SEK per person. The same sum will be charged for equipment not adequately cleaned. We would always like our next guest to get clean and properly functioning equipment.
    • For all activities on the water, you must be able to swim.
    • You must always use life vest when paddling a kayak.
    • You notify us your planned route before take off.
    • You are responsible for conducting all activities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations (sea rules, road rules, right of public access).
    • If you are delayed, please notify us as early as possible.

Changes to or cancellation of activities

  • A program for a guided outdoor activity is never but a preliminary plan. External conditions (weather, wind, precipitation, snow and ice conditions) determine what we can do and not. We reserve the right to change the content and geographical location of all activities, to ensure a safe activity, and the best possible experience based on the prevailing conditions.
    • We reserve the right to, for safety reasons, cancel any planned activity. The decision to cancel is entirely reserved for Kayak in Grundsund/Balanspunkten.
    • We reserve the right to cancel any planned activity where the number of participants is too small.
    • Any activity cancelled by us will be refunded in full.
    • We do not cover any additional costs (accommodation, travel, etc.) that a customer may have when an activity is cancelled.