Balanspunkten/Grundsund Kayak center – The Company

The art of love to life

The idea is to love life

I, Christina Ingemarsdotter, am the founder of Balanspunkten/The Balance point. I love nature, I love to paddle and I love to be alive. This I want to share and that’s why I since 2005 work at my Kayak Center, give treatments for imbalances since 1987 and offer yoga classes since 2003.

During summer season there are more happy kayak friends working at the Kayak Center This year, 2024, there are two cooworkers namned Pia Kärn, Fleur Carlotti och Clement McKay. We all love the sea and we want our participants and rental guests to enjoy life at, in and beside the sea.



The Bohuslän region is where I feel at home. I’ve kayaked and sailed here my whole life, this is my archipelago. During my younger years I sailed a lot, then, 1979, I started with kayaking, which I’ve been doing ever since. 2024 will be my 46ht summer in a kayak, that’s a big thing to wrap one’s head around, but it feels amazing.