We like you as you are. An we help you with any disability.


At Kayak in Grundsund we accept you and ourselves as we are.

If there are any dysfunctions in your movements or behavior, please let us know in advance. We want to meet your needs in a proper way. Our idea is to help all persons that want to paddle to get into a paddling reality.

Using a hearing aid will work properly above the surface…  Just use a rain hat if water comes pouring from above. Sign language is not our language but we are good at body language. At sea, it is often easier to “be heard” using the body.

Weak eyes will need a Twin kayak and a guide, or a friend, to navigate and to make decisions. Maybe a single kayak will be the solution at a very calm day in sheltered surroundings, beside a paddling friend.

If you have an arm that is weak, special or hard to control, then the Twin kayak and a guide or friend onboard will be a brilliant solution.

If the legs hardly work or are damaged in any way, then the kayak might be liberation. If there’s any struggle to sit we try to find ways to get you comfortable and stable in the kayak.

Kayak paddling often induce a healthy behavior for the back. The stroke of the paddle blade through the water, the rotation in the spine that take part will be vitalizing for all the core muscles. The planed length of the trip will probably need to be modified to the backs health. “Short and often” is a good idea about this kind of medicine…